Louise Cassano: Promote Your Business by Perfecting Your 'Elevator Speech' | A Minute Smarter

Communications expert Louise Cassano shares some recommendations for establishing a strong and concise description of your business.



What is your business specialization and who does it serve? What are its strengths? What do you want to convey to your public?

I'm Louise Cassano, owner and principal of LuCas Communications, celebrating its 20th year.

Establishing an identity for your business means honest assessment and examination of short and long term goals, what are your targeted markets and what value your business imparts to those it serves.

Those who study behavior tell us that generally we have 30 to 60 seconds to keep the attention of someone who asks what it is that we do. Once you've thought through what you want to say about your business, make a bulleted list of everything you want to convey and then convert those items into a meaningful narrative of less than 100 words that takes 30 to 60 seconds to deliver.

Then, study what you've written, memorize it and recite it often and aloud until it flows easily when you're asked to describe your business.

So get noticed by using this simple tip to stand out in the crowd.

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