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Gary Richard of the electronic retail giant P.C. Richard speaks out about retailers forcing workers to work on Thanksgiving Day. His advice to the retailers is: "If you need one more shopping day in the year to get in the black, you have a problem."



Gary H. Richard, CEO, P.C. Richard & Son

I laugh because if you have to wait for Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, to be in the black, you have a problem.  And if you need one extra day and Thanksgiving Day to get extra revenue, you got a problem.  You better not be in business.

Thanksgiving Day, we're closed.  We're not open.

Most of the national chains are open.  We're probably one of the few that are not open.  We want our employees to have Thanksgiving Dinner with their friends, family, and loved ones.  It's traditionally the only holiday that's not based on religion, race, creed - it's an all-American holiday; it's based on the Pilgrims.

Why do some retailers want to take that holiday and destroy a national holiday and make it a shopping day?  How can I have Thanksgiving Day dinner or these other chains and the employees are working?  It's unfair for the workers, it's unfair for the United States of America.  Why are they destroying Thanksgiving Day?

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