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Interior designer Hilary Chasin tells us how to redecorate and accessorize your home with bold statement pieces.



Hi, I'm Hilary Chasin, of Chasin & Gilday Interiors.

Want to fall in love with your home all over again? Re-accessorize!

Don't be afraid to use big, bold STATEMENT accessories. They catch your eye, tell a story, and are the focal point of a room.

First, clear the clutter. Recycle those little old dust collectors! Often less really is more.

Now, select a theme. Nature, industry, the color red. Just be sure your theme reflects YOUR passion.

Shop everywhere, open markets...malls...for BIG items: 12 to 36 inches tall.

Add a framed mirror. Pillows. Lacquered trays. Just be sure that you love each one.

Now, create arrangements...in twos or threes. Cluster a small, medium, and large object together...at one end of a dresser. Or, place three identical pieces centered on a bookshelf.

Punctuate with a single dramatic piece on a clean uncluttered surface.

Fall in love with your home all over again. It's an affordable affair!

This is a great design tip to bring style to your home.

For more information visit: www.ChasinGilday.com or www.IDSLongIsland.org

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