G-NA Cassaza's Anti-DWI film "One Fatal Mistake" Debuts at Theater 3 in Port Jefferson


See just how much driving under the influence can affect those around you in a DWI documentary.



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By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

A teenage film student turns the tragic death of her grandmother into an anti-DWI educational movie.

Featured Interviews:
Gina Casazza, Filmmaker, One Fatal Mistake
Alexandra Casazza, Gina's Cousin
Amanda Pedroli, Gina's Cousin
Jeffrey Sanzel, Executive Artistic Director, Theatre Three
Gina Pedroli, Gina's Aunt
Jeanette Russo, Gina's Friend
Marissa Casazza, Gina's Cousin
Natalie & Fanny, Gina's Cousins

For more information visit: www.OneFatalMistakeMovie.com

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