Syosset High School

Syosset High School

Syosset Braves

Rich Schaub, Director of Athletics

70 South Woods Rd.
Syosset, NY 11791

"Syosset High School, grades 9 through 12, offers a broad variety of subjects including Advanced Placement courses in all major academic areas and computer science, Regents level courses, and programs for students with disabilities. Syosset High School also provides varied learning experiences through math, science and social studies research programs, electives in the humanities, interdisciplinary education, academic and community-based independent study, internships and cooperative work-study in business.

A professional staff of 240 members serves a population of approximately 2,200. The co-curricular program includes musical performing groups, publications, service and subject area clubs, and nearly 100 athletic teams. Syosset High School has an FM radio station and a TV studio."
- Syosset Central School District

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