Lindenhurst High School

Lindenhurst High School

Lindenhurst Bulldogs

Anthony Amesti, Director of Athletics

300 Charles Street
Lindenhurst, NY 11757

"Welcome to Lindenhurst High School, home of the Bulldogs! At Lindenhurst High School we truly believe that 'all students can learn.' We believe that every student in our high school has a unique contribution to make to our school and community while working toward their own individual fulfillment.

Lindenhurst High School continues to offer one of the most comprehensive and diverse curricula on Long Island. Our high school has a long and rich tradition of tremendous school spirit and outstanding pride. This particular school year brings special challenges as we continue to implement New York's new learning standards, while preparing to help all our students achieve higher standards and pass tougher state examinations. Lindenhurst High School offers the necessary resources and opportunity for every school citizen to excel in academic and extra-curricular endeavors.

Lindenhurst High School provides students in grades nine through twelve with a full academic and extra-curricular program. The variety of courses at the High School meet the needs of all students.

Students can choose from a full array of electives in each subject area to accommodate their individual interests and talents. There are extensive number of extra-curricular activities including music, art, and athletics, designed to help students develop and acquire skills to enrich themselves and the Lindenhurst community.

The students at Lindenhurst High School are encouraged to reach their fullest potential and they are celebrated for their success."
- Lindenhurst High School

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