Harborfields High School

Harborfields High School

Harborfields Tornadoes

John Valente, Director of Physical Education

98 Taylor Avenue
Greenlawn, NY 11740

"Students attend Harborfields High School for grades 9 through 12. The primary goal of the high school experience is to prepare students for higher education or for entrance to the world of work. Harborfields High School is uniquely qualified for this task, as it is large enough to offer a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities, yet small enough to ensure individual attention and the opportunity to participate. The high school's achievements in both curricular and co-curricular areas are a source of considerable pride for the entire community.
There is a clear emphasis on academics at the high school, as is attested by the fact that well over 90% of the graduates go on to higher education. Follow-up studies conducted by the guidance department indicate significant satisfaction and appreciation by Harborfields graduates for the preparation they received.
The comprehensive curriculum covers written language and literature, the sciences, second languages in Spanish, French, and Italian, social studies including courses in Criminal Justice, Anthropology, Psychology, and Web Page Design, as well as the arts, music, health, physical education, computer applications, business and vocational courses. More than 25% of the high school juniors and seniors earn college credit through the Advanced Placement Program. Other students pursue half-day vocational and technical courses at nearby Wilson Tech, a Board of Cooperative Educational Services facility."
- Harborfields High School

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