Huntington High School

Huntington High School

Huntington Blue Devils

Georgia McCarthy, Director of Physical Education

Oakwood & McKay Roads
Huntington, NY 11743

"The staff members at Huntington High School pride themselves in providing a challenging academic environment as well as opportunities for leadership, citizenship and service.  The instructional programs address all levels of performance.  The school offers a large selection of Advanced Placement courses in all disciplines.

The foreign language program in French, Italian, Latin and Spanish offers advanced, honors and AP level courses with an option to acquire college credits.  The academic support services provided at the high school are specific and focused.  Numerous extra help programs are offered by teachers both before and after school.  Walk in tutoring is available in all major subjects during all lunch periods.

Special Education programs range from teacher consultant models to life skills.  The high school offers both ESL and bilingual classes (math and science) to ELL students.  In addition, there is an after school alternative program provided to support those students who need to make-up credits.

Arts, music and physical education programs are among the best and most competitive in the country.  Students choose from an extensive and creative list of electives and are afforded the opportunity to join over 40 student activities.  Career exploration is provided through a well-delineated internship program that allows all 11th and 12th grade students to pursue special interests.  Active student groups focus on community services that teach compassion, empathy, and social responsibility."
- Huntington High School

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