Kings Park High School

Kings Park High School

Kings Park Kingsmen

Kenneth Ferrazzi, Director of Athletics

200 Route 25A
Kings Park, NY 11754

"Kings Park High School has committed itself to encouraging the dreams, molding the character and fostering the educational, social and civic growth of our students. A central aspect of the mission of Kings Park High School is to provide a challenging academic program that is rigorous and broad in scope, far exceeding New York State requirements.

At Kings Park High School, we strive to provide an education that is thorough, useful, and inspiring, and an environment in which students take delight in learning. We believe high school is a unique experience, valuable for its own sake. As individuals, our students deserve the opportunity to develop their distinctive talents. We encourage them to work together to share these talents, not merely to compete for personal gain. All students should be challenged to think for themselves. Our hope is to create lifelong learners who continue to grow and explore long after their last test is taken.

In their studies, our students are expected to develop their curiosity and imagination as well as their powers of observation, aesthetic appreciation, analysis, intuition, and critical thinking. We are proud to boast a wide array of extracurricular activities such as clubs, team sports, or community service based organizations."
- Lino Bracco, Principal, Kings Park High School

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