Amityville Memorial High School

Amityville Memorial High School

Amityville Warriors

Ron Forman, Director of Athletics
Anthony Cerullo, Director of Physical Education

250 Merrick Road
Amityville, NY 11701

"The educational program at Amityville Memorial High School is designed to meet the needs of every student through a unique variety of course offerings and support programs. The diversity of our school's student population enriches all who enter its doors and is one of the school community's greatest strengths.

Our faculty and staff believe that all of our student's have a right to a quality education. They all strive to provide a rigorous, relevant, and individualized program of study.

The school serves approximately 700 students in grades ten through twelve. Through outstanding academic opportunities, support programs, and counseling, each student is constantly encouraged to reach his/her full potential. Amityville Memorial High School offers a successful all-Regents program, an in-school remediation program, Advanced Placement courses, college courses, an Early College Program, and a wide variety of elective courses."
- Scott Andrews, Principal, Amityville Memorial High School

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