Bayport-Blue Point High School

Bayport-Blue Point High School

Bayport-Blue Point Phantoms

Richard Reilly, Physical Education Department Chairperson
Timothy M. Mullins, Assistant Superintendent for Athletics

200 Snedecor Avenue
Bayport, NY 11705

"The Bayport-Blue Point School District is nestled in a small South Shore community on Long Island.  The profound history, which is so much the fabric of our town, is reflected in the varied faces of our large high school building - the delicate arches and tiled halls of the wing built in the 1930s, the straight lines and cold practicality of the 1950s hallways, and the functional openness of the new auditorium, classrooms, cafeteria and gymnasium, all coming together to form a pleasing and inviting whole.  Tree-lined streets, some fifty miles from a major metropolis, protect traditions which are over a century old.  Ours is a town that is protected in many ways, from which people rarely move, or if they do, return with children in tow, ready to continue that family’s tradition in the Bayport-Blue Point school district. As a result, we have become a school in which many of our staff members were, in fact, students here themselves and still live in the community, investing their time and talents to make our high school come alive.

The district serves a population of 2,501 students and is composed of three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school."
- Bayport-Blue Point School District

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