About MyLITV & Islip.TV

Waldo Cabrera has over 22 years of professional advertising and marketing experience. He has worked with clients such as:
HBO, Turner Home Entertainment, Time Warner, Universal Studios, MGM Studios, Viacom, The Daily News, WalMart, Target, McDonald's and Burger King

Some of his interactive and digital projects include:
- 10 Million Yu-Gi-Oh! CD Promotion with McDonald's
- 1 Million CD and VHS launch of "The Fox Box" a venture between 4Kids Entertainment and Fox Television  (now named "4Kids TV")
-  Helped establish "The Fox Box" 4-hour kids TV block on Fox Saturday mornings
-  Websites for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cubix Robots for Everyone, Tama and Friends
-  Various world-wide digital projects and promotions for Pokémon

After studying advertising in New York City's High School of Art and Design and getting an advertising degree from Syracuse University, it can be said that creative communication is Waldo's way life. A few years working in an entertainment ad agency led Waldo to 4Kids Entertainment. During his 12 years at 4Kids, he was part of a stunning growth period that saw the company go from about 25 employees to over 300. First serving as creative director then as a VP of 4Kids Home Video, he helped establish world-wide brands such as Nintendo, Ninja Turtles, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon. 

Waldo created ISLIP.TV in order to build better neighbors through the wonders of the Internet. "It's great that we now know what's going on around the world, but it's also important to know what's going on around our hamlets. Islip.TV will allow our residents to easily share news and opinions with their neighbors" says Waldo.