You’re smart.  You have great ideas about how to market yourself and your business. But perhaps you’re stuck, facing a crossroad or struggling with a specific marketing challenge.  You may need a sounding board, or fresh perspective or specific guidance to refine your marketing strategy or plan.

ActivEntrepreneur is a strategic marketing company dedicated to helping wellness entrepreneurs and non profits take their businesses to the next level.  We help clients ask the right questions and develop effective solutions.  We partner with entrepreneurs to devise and implement marketing strategies.

Our services include:

  • Creating Online Education & Marketing Tools: Many entrepreneurs and non profits need a professional, customized, user-friendly, and affordable website.   They want the ability to control and update anything, at any time. They want to easily integrate all of their social networking and communication/newsletter tools. They need a platform to convey their knowledge and build a reputation as an expert in their field.  They need an online education and market platform.  At ActivEntrepreneur, we keep it simple and create inexpensive ways to create online education platforms that market businesses 24/7.
  • Strategic Marketing & Planning:  Broadly defined, “marketing” is an organization’s activities aimed at getting people to buy their products and services.  Successful marketing hinges on determining which activities will be the most effective for your corporation or small business and how these activities are tied together in terms of an overall marketing strategy.  At ActivEntrepreneur, we work with our clients to create a smart marketing strategy and an actionable marketing plan.  Through detailed evaluations of both the business and entrepreneur (including question and answer sessions and business research), we develop, refine, and create a customized marketing strategy and plan and help to execute against that plan.
  • One-on-One Marketing Coaching:  Many entrepreneurs work solo or as part of a small team and need strategic marketing support that goes beyond the creation of a marketing plan.  They need one-on-one help to address specific challenges, a marketing partner to brainstorm with and/or ongoing help to stay focused on their marketing plan.  Through a one-on-one coaching relationship, ActivEntrepreneur works with clients to co-create marketing ideas and solutions.  We focus on addressing marketing challenges.  The end product depends on individual needs.  And all coaching can be done during a ‘walk & talk’, if desired.  After all, the most creative and positive ideas are generated when you are active!
  • Event Creation, Design, Planning, Promotion & Execution:  In today’s world, there are thousands of events, activities, and things to do.  Creating  a new event or improving on an old one requires strategic thinking and design around event type, venue, target market, and how to promote effectively and efficiently.

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