Elizabeth Cassidy, Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Cassidy

Elizabeth Cassidy, Program Coordinator



elizabeth cassidy writes from the edge. And sometimes does not come back from there until she is good and ready.

I am a humorist, artist, creativity coach for artists and writers and a faculty member of the Art League of Long Island. I am an award-wining blogger for skirt, a featured columnist for Here Women Talk, a member of the Elite Blog Team for WoMen’s Literary Café and have seen my writings published in GalTime, ShareWIK, LOL, The Smartly, More and Huffington Post.
I am the founder of My Views from the Edge and Coaching for the Creative Soul.
I was recently named a winner in the Long Island Press, Best of Long Island 2012  -  3rd place winner in the coaching category.
I found the nerve somewhere and performed as a stand up comedienne and comedy writer/on air personality for WNBC Radio. I was once compared to a young Woody Allen. My family and friends were relieved to hear that I did not actually morph into a short Jewish man.
My writings been published in The Renaissance Writers Anthology and I am a published poet. In my spare time, I am a Reiki practitioner and a Universal Life minister. I will marry couples for food.
Please do not adjust your screen. I have not spelt my name in caps since high school (thanks to ee cummings) so I would appreciate you not adjusting my spelling. Work on brining about world peace or outlawing really big hair.
I promise to keep my advice solid and my tongue lodged securely in my cheek.
Website: www.myviewsfromtheedge.com
Facebook: Elizabeth Cassidy Views from the Edge with a Slice of Reality            
 Twitter: @edgycoach

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