Long Beach Polar Bears: Plunge for Make-a-Wish

Daring Long Islanders brave the cold as they rush into the Winter water for Make-a-Wish.


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By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

Thousands of people pack Long Beach as they plunge to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Featured Interviews: Dennis Covelli, CEO, Make-a-Wish Foundation; Michael Bradley, Event co-Creator, Long Beach Polar Bears; Alan Rosenberg & Jayne Roberman, Wish Family; Mitchel Grad, Musa Ali Shama, Jessica & Melissa Dwyer, Joe, Marty Giandalia, George & Nancy Brown, Rich Weinstein & John Wieder, Plungers; Megan Kalner, Teacher, Long Beach Middle School


For more information visit: www.LongBeachPolarBears.org or www.Wish.org