NY Senate Candidate Adrienne Esposito TV Interview (FiOS1 News)

We sit down for a one-on-one interview with New York State Senate Candidate Adrienne Esposito.


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By Video Journalists Waldo Cabrera & Josh Wein

We talk with Adrienne Esposito, Senate candidate for New York's 3rd Senate District.

Esposito discusses how her 29 years of experience in politics and community service will make her a great advocate for Long Island communities.

She tell us about her devotion to protecting the drinking water and natural resources, as well as our parks.  She vows to fight for the middle class families who are having a tough time financially.  She also brings up a point about property and school taxes and that we must lower them for all of Long Island.

Featured Interviews:
Waldo Cabrera, Executive Producer, My Long Island TV
Adrienne Esposito, Candidate, NY 3rd Senate District

For more information visit: www.EspositoForSenate.com