BoxFit Athlete Nicole McCallister Prepares For Her Charity Fight at Finest Fitness in Patchogue

We profile first time charity fighter Nicole McCallister, who puts it all on the line in order to help a good cause.



By Video Journalist Alyssa Koncelik

Nicole McCallister joined BoxFit almost a year ago to simply get into shape. Now, she is boxing for charity.

At first, she did not want to box, but she is now in the MMA program, attending classes six days a week. Each week, she trains in boxing, kickboxing, and karate. Her specialty: sidekicks. She doesn't mind tooting her own horn, either; she has a killer sidekick and is not afraid to use it, especially in the Charity Fight Show.

Even though boxing is a male-dominated sport, BoxFit's supportive atmosphere helps her fit right in.

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