Blazing Trails For Autism Run / Walk Attracts Hundreds of Runners

In Great Neck, over a thousand runners participated in the Second Annual Blazing Trails 4 Autism run / walk.  This fast growing event raises money for the Eden II & Genesis programs serving children and adults with autism.



By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

Over 1,000 people show up to participate in the second annual Blazing Trails 4 Autism Walk / Run in Great Neck.

The event raises money for the Eden II & Genesis Programs, which provide special attention and opportunities for those living with autism. Supporting such a good program only gives participants that much more energy to take part in a 4-mile run on an early Sunday morning.

Featured Interviews:

Kara Innella
Emma Innella
Joyce Kasab
Patty Innella
Debbie Burwasser
Chase Burwasser
Michelle Recupero
Scott Medlinger
Limore Mayer & Debbie Zandi
Lena Ferreira
Arielle Trager
Liz Heller

Larry Klass
Christina Collichio
Sue Fitzpatrick

Kevin McDermott
Athletic Coach

Robyn Schneider
Race Director

Tony Pica
Capital One Bank

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