Long Beach celebrates as Bulldogs Day kicks off a New Football Season

The Long Beach Bulldogs and their families kick off the new season with their first game post Hurricane Sandy.

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By Video Journalist Samantha Butler

The Long Beach community scores another point as Bulldog Day marks the start of football season.

Featured Interviews: George Wiesendanger, Board of Directors, Long Beach Bulldogs; Tim Greco, Vice President, Farmingdale Hawks Football; Robert McWilliams, Head Coach, Long Beach Bulldogs Team - 7 Year Olds; Ally & Matthew, Long Beach Bulldogs; Eva Paprocki from Long Beach, NY; Helen Bloomer from Atlantic Beach, NY; Somalia Williamson from Long Beach, NY; Prince Pennington from Laurelton, NY

For more information visit: www.LongBeachBulldogs.org

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