Look at the FOOD being served at the Oyster Bay Oyster Fest (2012)

There’s food, food and more food at the 29th annual Oyster Bay Festival.


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By Video Journalist Stephanie Stern

The Oyster Bay Oyster Fest is a major fundraiser for local charities, but it is also a place to get stuffed with all sorts of food. Take a look at some of the vendors at the 2012 event.

Featured Interviews:
Len Rothberg, Event Coordinator
Kristin Reardon, co-Chair, Oyster Festival
Donna Lee, Former President, Oyster Bay Rotary Club
Frances & Harry Erney from Abington, PA
Nader Gebrin, Nader's Fish on the Run
Beth Eaton, Volunteer
Gianna Doxey from Boca Raton, FL
Joni Luccisano from West Islip, NY

For more information visit: www.TheOysterFestival.org