Uniform from WWII Vet Unearthed and Returned to the Family - Fishers Island


A Connecticut woman receives a uniform that her father lost during World War II.



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By Video Journalists Waldo Cabrera & Sam Butler

While doing her mid-winter survey of the Fisher's Island beaches, naturalist Justine Kibbe noticed a bit of fabric sticking out from the sand. It turned out to be a naval uniform.

After much investigating and research, Justine located the officer's name in a WWII Naval decommissioning pamphlet, which identified him as a Connecticut officer from New Haven.

A Google search of the family name led her to his daughter, Julia.  Our cameras were present when Julia took a special trip to Fishers Island to receive this the uniform on behalf of her father and all those that fight for our country.

No one can explain how the uniform got to Fishers Island, but everyone agrees that these are an extraordinary series of events that have turned Julia and Justine into friends for life.

Featured Interviews:

Justine Kibbe, Naturalist
Fishers Island Conservancy

Julia Kushigian
Daughter of Jack P. Kushigian

For more information visit: www.FishersIslandConservancy.org