Buckets and Tap Shoes at the Long Island Children's Museum

Multi-talented entertainers Buckets and Tap Shoes bring their street savvy style to the Long Island Children's Museum. The two brothers treated kids to their brand of high octane bucket rhythms, magic and, of course, tap dancing.

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By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera

Buckets and Tap Shoes was started in 2004 by brothers Rick Ausland and Andy Ausland.  They reminisce about borrowing their father's equipment and tapping buckets with drumsticks in their garage and up their driveway.  They treat kids to a great show at the Long Island Children's Museum in Garden City as they drum and tap dance all around the room.  They compose the music and choreography themselves, do their own vocals at other shows, and even do some magic tricks.  People of all ages can enjoy the show.  

Featured Interviews: Andy & Rick Ausland, Buckets and Tap Shoes; Morgan & Jordyn, Music Fans; Nancy Pfeffer & Jane Weinstein, Parents

For more information visit: www.BucketsAndTapShoes.com.

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