Lego Robotics Smart Moves at the Long Island Children's Museum

Lego lovers and curious kids come together to play and challenge their minds at the Long Island Children's Museum for the First Lego League competition, themed “Smart Move.”

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By Video Journalist Josh Wein

The Long Island Children's Museum in Garden City hosts the First Lego League Competition, where both kids and adults come together to built extraordinary things out of Legos.  The theme of the exhibition is "Smart Move," and robotics students build Lego robots and program them to do missions on a field map in two and a half minutes.  This event helps young people be more creative and come up with solutions to everyday problems.  The goals of the Lego League are to inspire kids to get involved with science and technology, and get them to work with engineers and technicians in the field.  There are two leagues for kids to join - one for ages 6-9, and another for ages 9-14.  They can compete on many different levels, up to a regional or world competition.

Featured Interviews: Parker & Juliet, Robotics Students; Michelle Iannuzzo, Robotics Coach; Maureen Mangan, Director of Communications, Long Island Children's Museum; William Hodrinsky, Director of School-Business Partnerships; Dave Meyer, Team Coach; Erica Roth, Parent

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