The Long Island Children's Museum Tour

Take a tour of the Long Island Children’s Museum, a place where learning is achieved through adventure and fun.  From big puzzles to bubble play, even the adults get lost for a day. 

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We take a tour of the Long Island Children's Museum, located in Garden City since 2002.  The museum is geared toward children aged 2-12, who can enjoy many different games and events in different areas, including math, science, and literacy.  Kids visiting the museum tell us just how much they love it and what their favorite things to play with are, such as the bubble room and news reporting.  Even the parents get to enjoy themselves, playing instruments with their children.  For those interested in visiting the museum, it is $30 for a one-year membership.  
Featured Interviews: 
Kandel Allard, Director of Visitor and Support Services, LICM
Joe Florio, parent
Julia and Manny
Ariel Pantenaude
James Akhbari, Parent
Joseline Weinrib, Parent
Benjamin Feibert
Ashley Shanab
Samantha Weinrib
Jennifer Weinrib
Haley Feibert
Amanda Shanab
Dina Shanab, Parent
Anya Belotser, Parent 
Melissa Levy, LICM
Kavin Shah, Parent 
Teresa Elizabeth Brown
Jeff Barneson, Tourist, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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