Faux Sho! Art Exhibition at the Islip Arts Council

Meet the artists at the Islip Art Museum’s “Faux Sho!” exhibition.



Video Journalist Josh Wein

The Islip Art Museum presents an exhibition featuring contemporary artists and art to fool your eye.

The realistic art are mostly everyday objects but with slight differences to create a shock value and make you look twice.

Featured Interviews:

Beth Giacummo, Curator
Islip Art Museum

A.J. Fries, Conceptualist Realist
Buffalo, NY

Avital Burg, Painter

Hannah Cole
Brooklyn, NY

Naomi Safran-Hon, Painter

Ben Owens, Craftsman
Port Jefferson, NY

Chaltin Pagan, Representational Painter
New York, NY

For more information visit: www.IslipArtMuseum.org