Video Journalists Waldo Cabrera and Rashiek Smart


 Alan Cumming talks about his book "You Gotta Get Bigger Dreams." Mr. Cumming is a Scottish actor, singer, performer, author, and activist who has appeared in film, television, and plays.


Featured Interviews:


Alan Cumming


Jud Newborn


Susan Cohen


Debbi Cutler


Claudia Copquin


Laurie Levenburg


Susan A. Berland


Julia Waswo




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Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera


Mike Massimino launches his first book "Spaceman: An Astronaut's Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe." Massimino was a NASA astronaut from 1996-2014. He grew up in Long Island, New York. In his book, he describes  the challenges and rewards of being an astronaut. 


Featured Interviews:


Michael Massimino 


Ms. Quarequio


Tony Pirera


Lauren Hale


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Alan Alda, award winning actor, director, screenwriter, and bestselling author participates in a special evening at The Cinema Arts Centre to discuss his book  "IF I UNDERSTOOD YOU, WOULD I HAVE THIS LOOK ON MY FACE? My Adventures in the Art and Science of Relating and Communicating".


Video Journalists Waldo Cabrera and Jennifer Shepardson


Featured Interviews:

Alan Alda



Video Journalist Thomas Finn


Ex Nay SEAL Carl Higbie signs his book "Enemies Foreign and Domestic" at the Book Revue in Huntington. The book explains what it is like to be a SEAL, Higbie's background and childhood experiences, and the death of SEAL Tyler Trahan and Higbie's involvement in Operation Amber-the operation launched to capture Al-Isawi, "the Butcher of Fallujah," in September, 2009.


Featured Interviews:


Carl Higbie


Scotty Pina


Dolores Hurst


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