First Annual Pink Pumpkin Patch Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Join the First Annual Pink Pumpkin Patch - a fundraiser to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.





By Video Journalist Josh Wein

Pink and bedazzled pumpkins adorn the Nassau County Executives Building lawn to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Organizations such as First Company Pink, Got Checked, The Chocolate Duck, and BANGZ Hair and Color Lounge all came out to sponsor the event.  

Local supporters who came to donate also enjoyed chocolate treats and pink hair extensions and makeup.  At the end of the night, the dome of the Executives Building was event lit up pink!

Featured Interviews:
Brandon Irizarry, CEO, Bzarry Events Inc.
Donna Cioffi, President, First Company Pink
Richard Rubenstein, Owner, BANGZ Hair & Color Lounge/Paint Cosmetics
Christina Bisbee, Pastry Chef, The Chocolate Duck
Tricia Trimarchi, Pastry Chef, The Chocolate Duck
Robert Smalley, President, Sports Depot Charity Apparel

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