Elisa DiStefano's Charity Baby Shower and Networking Event for BELI at The Union

Elisa DiStefano's Charity Baby Shower and Networking Event for BELI at The Union



Today I'm here to celebrate Elisa's new arrival

The baby shower is such a great idea and it's really perfect a very beautiful creative way to support communities in need.

We have a real problem with maternal Health right now and we need to do everything we can to bring those babies into this world healthy and make sure their moms are healthy

For me it's the most meaningful um like networking event you could ever do because you've got all these incredible women that are in the room together who are likeminded.

I had the privilege of going with her to make deliveries to moms in Long be and I live Point Lookout and it was so eye openening to me that in this beautiful community that I live in just a few miles away of even were women who didn't have like Basic Essentials. I've seen the work that Harry has done for baby Essentials of Long Island so when she asked me to host a charity baby shower and have some of the people I love the most on Long Island and in this world and in this life come together and bring gifts for those moms there's no better gift I could give 

We grew up with each other. Our children have grown up with each other. We've been pregnant with each other.  People recognize us people trust us and using that for good and for change is really almost something that we must do.

it's really important to have high-profile people get into Grassroots giving. It's very difficult to get the information out there that we're doing this much less get the public to engage so when you have individuals with such a wide reach like Alyssa you know not just talking about it but doing the work she inspires others.

I feel, in this room, very inspired I met some new people today I've learned some new things and I think that's what the importance of being supportive and that's what we do for each other.

My wealth is really in the people that I know and now I'm getting to meet a whole lot of other great people that I didn't know and I came to be a giver um but I'm also a receiver.

Today it's important for us to support and take care of each other with that success we have to pay it forward and take care of the next person to have this caliber of women really strong people who care about the community come together and support baby Essentials I mean you just couldn't ask for a better fundraiser