The Long Island Railroad Museum's Toy Train Show

In Riverhead, we get on track with the Railroad Museum of Long Island as volunteers and collectors put together extravagant model train layouts that wow all kids, young and old.

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By Video Journalist Josh Wein

We visit the Railroad Museum of Long Island in Riverhead to see seemingly endless and fantastic model train layouts.  

The museum has an outreach program for more than five years now, where they go around with the train layouts for historical and educational purposes.  They have permanent displays in their Riverhead and Greenport locations.  

To set up and build the train layouts, it takes close to 16 hours with a crew of eight volunteers working on them.  We catch up with visitors at the museum, who share their memories of when they were children and playing with trains, and who still play with them now.

Featured Interviews:
Don Fisher, President, Long Island Railroad Museum
George Faeth, VP, Long Island Railroad Museum
Michael Gulotta, Volunteer
Cindy Sepenoski, Toy Train Enthusiast
Mike Heindl, Secretary, Long Island Railroad Museum

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