The Town of Islip presents Winter on the Great South Bay

The Town of Islip welcomes "Old Man Winter" with its second "Winter on the Bay Celebration". From ice skating to replicating the "Frosty the Snowman" slide, the Bay Shore Marina was the center of cold family fun. 

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The Town of Islip holds its second annual "Winter on the Bay" celebration in Bay Shore.  Last year, over 9,000 people attended at the Bay Shore Marina.  This year, even more were expected to enjoy sledding down the "Frosty the Snowman" slide, ice skating, horse and buggy rides, and hayrides.  Islip Town Supervisor Phil Nolan tells us about the event and how it is meant to treat the town residents and bring them together for a happy time.  Locals stop in at Nicky's On The Bay to get warm by the fireplace and try some tasty treats and meals. 
Featured Interviews:
Pamela Shreve
Phil Nolan, Town of Islip Supervisor
Deborah Royal 
Nick Parini, Owner of Nicky's On The Bay 
Shawn Botino 
Savannah Botino
Hailey Botino 
Michael Baldino 
Jacqui Baldino 
Nick Baldino 
Debbie Baldino 
Milton Friedman 
Marilyn Friedman 
Mary McDermott
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