Rick Lazio Speaks to Long Island Business Leaders at LIMBA

West Islip native and former Congressman Rick Lazio talks to Long Island business leaders about his upcoming run for governor. 

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Rick Lazio was born and raised in West Islip, and has lived a very busy life.  Known as the former Congressman, he has also served as a prosecutor, assistant district attorney, an attorney in Babylon, and county legislator representing Suffolk County.  He shares why he became a civil servant: a sense of duty, wanting to give back, helping people live a better life, and it's just something he was born with.  What he has learned in the last nine years, such as business methods, budgets, and job creation, he will use and value as he runs for governor.  Some of his professional accomplishments include the Long Island Sound Restoration Project, national public housing reform, and his efforts to aid the disabled in returning back to work without losing their health benefits. 
Featured Interviews: 
Rick Lazio, Former Congressman 
Tom Cilmi, Suffolk County Legislator 
Bill Miller, President, LIMBA
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