Suffolk County Legislature Swearing In Ceremony

Get a look at the inner workings of local government at the 40th anniversary and swearing in ceremony of the Suffolk County Legislature.  

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Founded in 1683, the County of Suffolk is over 300 years old.  For 200 years, it was run by a board of ten supervisors, one for each town in the county.  Now, however, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Suffolk County Legislature.  Each person will stay on the legislature for the next two years, as part of the body that governs the people of Suffolk.  During this celebration, we watch the swearing in of two new legislators, Tom Cilmi and Tom Muratore. 
Featured Interviews: 
Jay H. Schneiderman, Legislator, Suffolk County District 2
John M. Kennedy Jr, Legislator, Suffolk County District 12 
Phil Boyle, New York State Assemblyman 
Anna Cilmi 
Stefanie Cilmi 
Tom Cilmi, Legislator, Suffolk County, District 10
Judy Pascale, Suffolk County Clerk 
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